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These slides give an input into the aesthetic of RIFC to provide a more calming and natural environment based on the Reggio approach.

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OUr Program 

RIFC preschool is a bi-lingual Spanish-English preschool with many teachers fluent in Spanish and English. Our program includes music, books and a  curriculum that is delivered with our dual-language model. We take many field trips to support our experiential learning philosophy.The teachers take into careful consideration each child's individual learning style and the overall class interest when preparing the curriculum. At the beginning of each year, teachers develop an individual development plan for each child and continue to track their progress carefully throughout the year. Each day the children come to RIFC preschool excited to enter into this learning community and ready to embark on new adventures through song, dance, crafts, and lessons. Parents bring their children to RIFC with confidence, knowing that every day their child is learning something new and that this preschool education is creating a positive foundation for their child's future learning experiences throughout their life.

RIFC implements a Reggio Emilia approach that recognizes children as strong and powerful contributors to their own learning. In a Reggio inspired program the image of the child is central-the child who is curious, full of wonder, rich in resources, able to construct and co-construct his or her own learning. Teachers and students together discover the joy of learning. At RIFC we aim to build upon the confidence, curiosity, wonder and richness that children bring to school.

We accomplish this with our four core values:

  1. Collaborative Relationships: We value mutual respect, reciprocity and collaborative decision-making among children, families, staff and educators. We believe this builds strong and equitable communities.
  2. Social Justice: We value cultural democracy, overcoming bias, and undoing racism. We believe that children and adults can only thrive in a world where inequities are noticed and actively challenged.
  3. Engaged Learning: We value curiosity and reflection for adults and children. We believe this leads to a journey of life-long teaching and learning.
  4. Joyful Work: We value playfulness, purpose, and passion in the classroom as well as the office. We believe that adults can draw inspiration from children's lively minds.