If you would like to volunteer for any of these events, simply fill out this form and return it to RIFC. English Volunteer Form. Spanish Volunteer Form.

Parent Events: 

  • Tea Party (Orientation): The Tea Party is held at the beginning of the school year with food and drinks to give a chance for families to meet their children's teachers, peers and more. 
  • Harvest Festival: Our annual Harvest Festival fundraiser is held every fall, filled with food, games and more for families to enjoy! 
  • Cultural Potluck: The cultural potluck is one way we celebrate diversity here at RIFC. The children perform for the parents and we ask that every family bring a dish from their own culture to share with everyone.
  • Parent Resource Night: A night where we have informative gatherings on topics such as kindergarten transition, or positive discipline as well as providing parents with other helpful resources.
  • Kitchen Night: We bring in a health nutritionist to talk to parents about the importance of eating healthy at home and teaching this to children and end the night with hands on cooking with the children.
  • Parent Gatherings: We hold four parent gatherings throughout the year, where parents get to decide what topic each gathering should focus on and we then bring in professionals to speak on those topics. These gatherings begin with a Community Café to start out the conversations and gain feedback from the parents. 
  • Silent Auction: Our annual silent auction, is a way for us to raise funds for the program. Providing parents, community members and friends to join us for dinner, entertainment and an auction. 
  • Clean Up Project: This project is an opportunity to have families help the RIFC team clean up the perimeter of our school! 

Events for Children:

Children's Day/Dia Del NiñoChildren's Day is a global holiday celebrating how amazing children are! At RIFC we organize games, music, and have a potluck style lunch with the families!

Raising A Reader: Raising A Reader is a national program that is brought to us thanks to the Seattle Public Libraries. This program allows us to send our students home with a Red Book Bag each week where the children check out two award-winning books to read at home and practice the tradition of sharing books!

School Garden: In our own Delridge Community we have our own P-Patch where we can grow and care for our own plants alongside our community members. As well as having our own personal garden at RIFC, where the children have the opportunity to plant and tend to fruits and vegetables with the teachers. 

Enrichment Programs: Throughout the school year, we bring programs to the school such as musical guests, authors, scientists, and our local Fire Dept. or Police Dept. to teach and meet with the children! 

Field Trips: We hosts a variety of field trips throughout the school year that are related to what the children are learning that week or month! Whether it is learning about the ocean and sea life with a visit to the aquarium or relating back to our play based curriculum with a visit to the children's museum, all the field trips are fun and educational.

Family Involvement 

Donations of any kind are more than welcome. All proceeds will go back into our program for events, materials, or to send our teachers to professional development trainings. 

At RIFC, we value the collaborative relationships we have with our families to build a strong community here. There are plenty of ways for families to get involved to offer their ideas, help create an event, donate money and more.